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I'm web designer & developer with over 10 years of professional experience. I'm interested in all varieties of design and marketing, but my major professional focus is on front end web development. I'm one of the 'go to' WordPress experts in my region of southwestern NH. I also have skills in other fields like graphic design, UX/UI design, SEO, web development, web server management, and consulting in any of these areas. I have a magnetic interest in disruptive technologies. I'm also a small business owner & entrepreneur, I have a great understanding of business management, marketing and accounting practices.

My favorite pastime's are usually computer and/or tech related, for instance I'm currently learning the Ruby coding languange, because it's fun and interesting. I enjoy keeping up exciting technological developments like Bitcoin and I'm amazed all the possiblities that could come out this type of distributed networking power.

Fun fact:

In 2004, I started a side business with my spare time and money. I purchased used, refurbished and non-functional Sony Playstation 2 consoles, I would then dismantel the units and test the components. I sold the working parts on eBay for a profit, and as I saw the potential I built my own site using OScommerce and used the eBay sales and listings to drive traffic - it was pretty successful. After some long nights and weekends, I cleared over 30k in a few years with this interesting side venture.

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Mike Langley Web Design LLC.

Mike Langley Web Design was started by myself in September of 2009. The company has a loyal client base from around the country and continues to strive through five years in a struggling economy. I am responsible for all of the day to day operations, I do not outsource. The company offers web design, web development, web consulting, web hosting, graphic design, SEO, website maintenance, custom WordPress solutions, and more. One secret to the company's success has been to offer contracting services to other local web design companies, who may have a stronger sales foot hold but lack the technical skills or man power to deliver the desired results to the end client. A few times I've quoted or discussed a job with an client and though I didn't get the contract, I did wind up building the site for the company who did. My clients include - Pelletier's Sports Shop, Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, The Black Swan, The Town of Jaffrey, Gaia's Blessing, Bonin Architects, Jaffrey VFW, Pure Flow Inc, Blair Wealth Management, Granite State Cabinetry, Toute le Monde Interiors, New England Everyday Goods, Langley Machinery, Dust to Shine Cleaning, Lipsky Attorneys at Law, Girard Advertising, StrataBlue, Phil-Mack Media, Sven Grafik, CharlesWorks, Fletcher Media, MKT Consulting, Center Pond Communications, and more. As a small business of one person, I am on a daily basis dealing with the following tasks accounting, marketing, sales, customer relations, customer support, graphics, writing/editing code in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, & javascript, building complete Wordpress sites, implementing payments, ecommerce, newsletters, social media integration, SEO consulting & analysis, and web server management.


Operations Manager (ending)
W.G. Ellerkamp Inc.

W.G Ellerkamp Inc. is a retail packaging distributor located in Peterborough, NH. My employment with them started in 1999, working part-time for something like $7/hr. I was running flexographic printing and hot stamp presses, these presses would print the retail branding on the aftermarket packaging. I learned a great deal about machinery, engineering and the vast subtleties of the various printing processes that I was using. After a brief period, I was promoted to the shipping department and eventually became the warehouse manager in charge of most of the company's inventory. About five years into my employment, I was moved into the front office and put in charge of all of the artwork for the printing process, in addition to my former duties. At this time I also took control of the company website & redesigned/rebuilt it. I oversaw many company transitions from new inventory & accounting software, to a move to a new facility, to purchases of new machinery and computer equipment. I attended trade shows in the paper and packing industry across the country. My official ending position was Operations Manager. I gave notice in July of 2009 to pursue my own venture and slowly reduced my hours over the next 3 months, so my departure wouldn't be a hardship for the company. I continued some various graphic and web work for the Ellerkamp Co. for some time after my departure with my company Mike Langley Web Design.

MAY 1999 - SEPTEMBER 2009










This website was migrated from Joomla to Wordpress, I worked with the clients to update the design, the content and presentation. I improved the site's performance, and optimized it for search engines. Bonin Architects has two offices in New London and Meredith, New Hampshire

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This local sporting goods and hunting shop is located right in my home town. In 2010 I redesigned and rebuilt their old outdated site. I maintained the site for the next several years with regular home page updates. In summer 2014, I updated the site with a new design & built a full web store for them with WooCommerce.

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Pure Flow is a commercial & industrial water filtration systems distributor. They approached me in late 2013 to take over hosting and maintenance on their website. Over the course of several months I worked on a site redesign with the client. The final revision of the redesign went live in July 2014.

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